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June 27, 2008

Dear Board Members of the LNAGSL,

Finally, we are at the end of the process for the logo design for the Landscape and Nurserymen's Association project. I'm pleased with the results, and I hope you are, too.

The final adjustments of the logo are finished, with both the black and white and color selection. I also included the style for the logo to include the web address, and the 75th anniversary graphics.

Just a little extra feature I decided to include was your logo as it might appear in a browser as a "favicon." It's just a tiny 16x16 pixel image of the graphic as it might be used in your website's browser address.

Now that the logo is ready for the general members to vote in, I'm eager to help with other projects, including the redesign of the graphics for the website, the corporate stationery and business cards, the display advertising and embroidered shirts your organization will need.

Thanks again for this opportunity!

Joanne Sampl
Next-Step-Up Communications

May 22, 2008

Dear Board Members of the LNAGSL,

I've very pleased that as the weather is finally warming up, that the time for the final design for the LNAGSL logo is also warming up.

I have included a few key components for your review.

  1. Everyone's comments collected together on this page
  2. My adjustments to logo #1 in black and white, using a short, 4 word tagline to represent the mission statement that might be used.
  3. Color options of logos. (I probably need more direction on the colors you were thinking.)

Feedback from LNAGSL

I know I am late with comments on LNAGSL logo designs but didn't have a chance until next snow storm to review closely.  I also like #1 as first choice but not totally satisfied with the box or book border around the foliage.  What about the arch design that frames in on #4 with the foliage still positioned where it is but just slightly smaller to fit the arch around it.
Hope I didn't complicate ideas too much.
Great Design and Ideas!
Bill Spradley


I think we may have a great start in #1 as well, it is best for me to look at them in black and white- that way I don't have a biased opinion based on color.  At the Today's Garden Center Magazine Roundtable yesterday in Atlanta, we had a long discussion on branding, I really think that having a distinct image for our group will help attract more members and other prospective members from outside the industry.  Can't wait to see what the final product will be!  See you on the 10th!
Greenscape Gardens

I prefer #1.  I agree with everyone's input on the details as well.

I like #5 the best and #1 second.  The “Green Industry” phrase could get trite with time like “Organic”.
I think the more fluid design is still in as compared to the more blocky type.  I think the 75th year could be however more pronounced. 
As a side note: The image in #1 is a very attractive design.  At the Nuts and Bolts conference MNLA the Styrofoam cups had a very similar design.  I was so impresses with it I cut that piece from the cup and brought it home.  The two overlapping leaves did not have midribs that flowed together but the mid ribs extended down to a line that went around the cup. I thought that concept was a good one when I saw it and I still think it is a good concept. 
Gary Hinegardner
Sales Manager
Missouri Mulch

My favorite is #1.  Would we be able to see it with the green accent color of #5?

Great ideas from Joanne. I am with you on this Bill, that we need to limit this discussion to those on the board and the recent past presidents. At least until we narrow it down to a couple of options. I myself like the #1 and #4 options. I know that #4 has the arch in it, which is obviously overplayed by many companies and organizations, but I think that Joanne has definitely put a more contemporary twist on it. And after all, we are all part of the St. Louis Region. I like the fact that we will be able to easily use the examples for the 75th year and possible name change down the road and not have to totally redesign the logo.
Jamie Granger
224 Clayton Oaks
Ellisville, Mo. 63011
email- bk2ntr@earthlink.net

Hi all,
I see #1 my favorite and #5 jumping off the page. An outside person, my husband prefers #5.  I also like that the LNAGSL name is prominent in both. Although green industry is in vogue now it may well be outdated looking a couple of years out, The term is almost overused at this time, not commanding as much as attention as it once did. So I feel the words Green Industry should not be as large of type. Also maybe those words Green Industry easy to edit out later.
Ellen Barredo

Please proceed with preparation of a narrowed group of revised logo concepts based on the input received.  I have not received any input regarding a revised mission for the organization (spring is here!).  I have taken the liberty to explore a few mission concepts and offer the following for consideration:
“Serving to lead the advancement of the cooperative exchange of knowledge and beneficial information tailored to the achievement of sustainable landscape and garden excellence in the Gateway region.”
Let’s plan for another review of the updated logo concepts toward the end of May.

Let me know if you need to see one in the "test drive" ad or something else.

Project Notes | Revised Logo - BW | Revised Logo - Color

Thanks so much,

Joanne Sampl
Next-Step-Up Communications



February 22, 2008 - 4:15 p.m.

Dear Board Members of the LNAGSL,

I've spent the last several weeks researching and working on your new logo for your organization. I appreciate the opportunity to gather insight and formulate a direction for your anniversary celebration in 2008 and for the future image of the LNAGSL.

Here is a brief list of the considerations I've explored while developing the proposed images:

  • You want to be promoted as "the" organization for resources: consumers, service and product suppliers, wholesalers and providers of industry related services.
  • You want to increase your membership to include more companies serving the outdoor living industry, including: pool companies, fences & decks installers, educators, ecology supporters, and more.
  • You do not want to limit yourself to members only in the landscape and nursery businesses.
  • You foresee a name change for the organization, broadening its name to encompass the different memberships.
  • You want to capitalize on your history, but you desire to build relevancy and reputation as an active and vital resource in today's market place.

At this time, I am ready to show you 5 logo options. Each one has a little different appeal to it. All of them are intentionally designed to be youthful, energetic and lead the way in a new branding image for the entire organization.  The “icons” are structured to break down well in any media type including: websites, stationery, business cards, favicons, membership certificates, print ads, web banners, wearable items, and more. Each one is intentionally designed to grow with the organization as its name changes and it diversifies.

You’ll see the black and white versions of the logos with suggested typography first. The image sizes are relative to a business card so you can see it in its smallest state. The typography can change, and probably will. I was very concerned at the inconsistencies I found in the name of the organization. The word “nurserymen” was also used as “nurserymen’s” and “nurseryman’s”.  Plus, I am also concerned with how many words are being used to identify the organization. The more words, the harder it is for people to remember.

After careful research, I realized that most associations like yours are tied to the identity of a state or a county, but few were tied to a major metropolis.  I think your niche of being an association for the community of the “greater St. Louis area” is to your benefit. It also helps convey the history of organization.  You’ll see that 2 of my suggestions do use the St. Louis arch as part of the emblem. Another one represents the Mississippi River.  The other two options are more contemporary in design, and are less geographically associated.

The black and white logos are followed by some with color selections, and different ways to build the anniversary into the graphic. We can use any colors on any of the logos, so just tell me what you like. Colors are so much more affordable now to use than they even were a few years ago. My concern is that the “75th” anniversary graphic can take on its own image separate from the organization, and can reduce readability.  I recommend separating the organization’s logo from the anniversary line whenever possible, but I wanted you to see some possibilities.

When it comes to including the web address as part of the logo, I wanted to address this separately. Because the web address currently uses just one business type we serve (www.stlouislandscape.org), I don’t recommend tying it into the logo. It’s too limiting. I do suggest buying a more generic domain name, since they can be purchased for less than $10 a year.  I’ve checked the availability of a few others including: www.stlouisgreenindustry.com, www.greenindustry-stl.com, and www.greenindustrypros.com. I realize these changes may take awhile for an organization with your size membership to vote on different aspects, but I want to help you keep the opportunities for branding evolution available.

The last thing I wanted to show you is what I call the “test drive” of a logo design. Seeing a few of the logos in use always seems to help my clients make their decisions easier.  I took two of the logos randomly and designed two different possible ad layouts, as you might see them in the quarter page ad in the  “Gateway Gardener”. I believe a logo is the signature on all communication, but the invitation to learn more and create a response is done with the headline and photography of any sales piece.  The marketing strategy is built around the creative strategy. Here are just two quick ideas of ways you can build your image and clarify what you want the readers to do when they see your organizations name. These concepts are not included in your logo design package, but I wanted you to see a practical application for the logos in use. Please let me know if you’d like me to add a creative strategy to this project.
Let me know what you think, okay?

NSU - Project Notes | Proposed Logos - BW | Proposed Logos - Color | Proposed Logos - Test Drive

Talk to you soon,

Joanne Sampl
Next-Step-Up Communications



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